Winter Weather Causes Cleaning Nightmare

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Golly gosh the weather has been unbelievable lately – firstly we had the November downpours with all the mud and gush that entailed.  Then too soon for excitement, the snow came for two nights and then slowly moved off – well, it started melting but then the temperatures dropped and it froze well and truly.  Then down came more snow and chaos.  The frozen ice underneath made it all so much harder to clear the paths and hedgeways.  An what an almighty mess we had to put up with all the time.   It’s extremely wearing, as all the walls and skirting boards get covered in mud when people come indoors and you don’t want to know how bad it gets when you babysit for  teenage dogs for someone!

The answer is simple.  Engage a professional cleaner to ‘do’ or even bottom out your house and you will never regret that small weekly investment – in time, trouble and exertise.