Whole House Cleaning Gives Me Unmatched Serenity

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Whole house cleaning is one of the specialist agency tasks that for some reason, is impossible to achieve properly at home yourself.  I have moved home many times since a child.  Firstly it was my parent who organised the pre-move clean up.  Well Mum actually – Dad was in the services and we moved regularly.  As I reached teenage years, we moved into a brand new house and had the job of cleaning it before moving in.

My mother was an absolute tartar when it came to cleaning.  We had to do our share and to the proscribed routine.  This stayed with me so that my own house moves were conducted along the same quasi military theme.  These days though, I use an agency for mid year cleaning thoughout my home –  I like the thoroughness of a professional clean.  The feeling of calm serenity I enjoy for the next month is worth every penny.