When Limescale Ruins The Beautiful Sleekness

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I have a lovely bathroom and an even lovlier ensuite shower room.  I had them updated a few years back, taking out the bulk standard single shower and plain sanitary ware.  I had set my heart on a fully fitted arrangement with cabinets to hide all the junk away.  This is exactly what I got, plus the most exsquisitely shaped shower unit with sliding door.  The plinth is high, allowing a decently angled drain off without it being noticed in use.  The only drawback now after many years of use is the hard water in this area has wrecked the neat lines – the once gorgeous shiny chrome effect edging is rough with limescale marks.  I go round regularly with an acid based product to remove as much as I can, but it’s a hopeless task – so a professional cleaner was sought – one who has operated in this area for years and knows the grimey water damage!