Welcoming Professional Cleaning In My Own Home

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It can be really hard to keep on top of domestic household cleaning sometimes.  I start off with the very best intentions, putting stuff away in the wardrobes and cupboards, employing the place for everything, everyting in its place principle.  Then somethin more interesting crops up and I find my attention is temporarily diverted from this vital task – probably a newspaper I’m using to line a drawer of bin has a very interesting article in it and I’m lost for hours !  This really hot weather, combined with the impending water shortages means I have taken to doing less washing and scrubbing around.  I’m not hot on that to start with!  I have therefore engaged a local cleaning agency to come and give my place a weekly turnover – the price was so reasonable -I cannot imagine why I didn’t do that years ago.  Heavenly clean and tidy domesticity will be all mine!