Tidy Carts Needed A Weight Loss Programme

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When I was working in a court house setting for some years, we always had a problem with cleaners not being able to get their rather large carts in and out of the service lifts.  This created a major problem as there were six upper floors that needed general cleaning of the offies and spanking brand new type cleaning of each kitchenette and washroom facility.  Then there were the judges’ chambers each of which were ensuite.   The problem with the cleaners’ huge and very hard to manoeuvre cleaning trolley was this sheer bulk.  They were loaded up down on the ground floor from the janitorial sector.  They had to last out all supplies so that each floor was serviced before coming back down to base to charge up and refill.  This problem was immediately eradicated when contract cleaners were engaged, bringing their own smart, neat cleaning equipment and issued one per floor – Revolutionary!