Tackle That Tiresome Messy Kitchen

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Coming down each morning to a grubby and untidy kitchen can be very unrewarding.  It stifles enthusiasm and can easily be the start of a depression.  To tackle the problem;  Firstly stand in  middle of kitchen & have a good look around one side to the other.  Note everything that upsets you – piles of washing up and last night’s dinner preparation still left out;  paperwork stacked up, library books, recycling, etc etc.  Take heart, it can be cleared!    Get a big enough box to put recycling items in, go empty now then use to collect items for emptying each evening.   Put away in cabinets everything that doesn’t need washing up or throwing away.   Put all paperwork in a box to be sorted that day . . .   Sweep worktops with dustpan and brush, lifting microwave, toaster . . .  Sweep floor with broom to remove loose crumbs etc.  Clean worktops first, then all white goods with bleachy cleaner, including hob, sink and drainer.  Clean under stuff that can’t be stored away.  Then clean the floor properly.  Amazing how these actions really lift the spirit and can be continued.