Summer Pet Care Should Make Us Pest Aware

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At this time of year when it can be hot for prolonged periods, we have the added interest of fleas, mites, ticks and other grim items provided by Mother Nature. It means that we have to be extra specially careful when pets go out for walks or romps in the garden. Trying to keep the house tidy and dog hair free is difficult at the best of itmes but cleaning up with the doors and windows open all the time does take on a new dimension. Most families with pets will have them wormed and reated for flea infestations as a atter of course but there are other irritations that can come in on them. Once a flee or tick has taken hold on their fur which is then bouncing around your house, the insect leaps off and it becomes a big problem indoors. Especially with toddlers and babies crawling about at floor level. the best possible course of action is to get the house thoroughly cleaned by a professional cleaning agency. They have the proper equipment and expertise to know how to really deep clean carpets and soft furnishings to eradicate these little visiting problems!