Special Spray Restores Shiny Happy People

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One of the things that really get on my wick is having a grubby bathroom.   For years it wouldn’t matter how many times I rinsed out that basin and wiped over the once shiny taps . . .  the ghastly water marks left behind after the twice daily ablutions just ruined everything.  Until I discovered my local cheapie supermarket was now selling the top sellin make of limescale remover spray.  I’ve tried that sort of product before but it used to come as a difficult to apply gummy liquid that you had to apply to the mucky area, get it to stay in place and then be washed off later.  This new product is in the form of a normal spray cleaner – it works so amazingly – my life has been transformed.  Somehow nearly twenty years of limescale and water grime has magically vanished and this happens every day – a quick lick and a promise with the spray and life is shiny and gorgeous again!