Rectifying Sicky Smelling Carpets

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There can’t be anything more annoying than baby sicking up something nasty on a lounge carpet. It won’t be baby’s fault of course. The same goes for anything pongey that the dog drops off. Firstly remove the offending stuff with paper towel and rub area with clean damp cloth. Then apply a little carpet shampoo solution – foam only. If that’s not to hand, a little washing up liquid diluted should help get rid of the mark. To get rid of a rancid smell, using soda water on a sponge gently applied over the area should do the trick. Failing that, pop some bicarbonate of soda on a saucer and dampen a clean cloth – dip it in the soda powder and apply to the rancid area. This should help to freshen up everything. Just allow the carpet to dry – if you’ve got it rather damper than expected, blot the excess with a towel and waft a very lukewarm hair dryer over the spot to take off the worst.