Pupster Chaos Calls For A Mean Clean!

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It can be jolly hard to keep a house clean when you work full time out of the home.  It can be even harder when you do that and own a couple of very active puppies.  I often go to puppy sit for a relative who had just the one retreiver pup.  Things were settling down nicely, pup was now walking very nicely to lead, always managed to do get his walkies in daily.  Then for some bizarre reason, they took pity on another puppy and brought her home.  One that is not uite so docile and calm.  Wow, it’s like a full on hurricane of activity.  And messy untidiness with dog hair, toys, dribbles, food all over the shop.

When thins get out of hand, it’s a great idea to get in the professional house cleaners – they are expert at sorting out dissaray and discord.  Calm control regained is worth every penny!