Professionally Cleaned Carpets Definitely Beats Moving House

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When our family bought our comfortably sized 4 bedroomed family house several years ago, we chose from the developer’s selection of wool blend carpets – a very pretty honey colour, gorgeous to look at and feel, but possibly an unwise choice for a chap who was car mad and used to traipse from the integral garage into the kitchen and sitting room almost hourly.

After several months of the car enthusiast plastering the carpet with gunk and sawdust, and having also made the most of double patio doors straight out onto the roughly turfed back garden.  The rest of the site still as the builders left it – 90% mud. The carpet really took a pasting. This is where having professional carpet cleaning really hit home.  We discussed the problem with a local company who managed the most amazing transformation – the honey hues were returned to prestine condition – all garden and garage mess up and gone in just hours.  Sheer joy!