Professional Steam Clean For Quick Refresh

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I was at a ‘high end’ care home the other day – visiting a much loved relative who has sadly made the descent into complete mental chaos rather more rapidly than her poor daughter was ready for.  I’ve been through all this with my own mother so nothing in the urgent hysterical ramblings comes as a surprise to me –  this other mum is going through it all the same but at four times the speed!  She cannot now feed herself, this is obvious by the amount of dinner and pudding all over the chair and floor.  It looks like a chimpanzee’s tea party.   This is where seriously specialist cleaners are needed – they move the relative out of the room during a hoist and bath session and they rest up in another very similar room.  During this time a professional cleaning team get in and really steam clean the entire room – but especially that ghastly chair and carpet!