Professional Clean Rids Pesky Warm Weather Mess

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There are good points about a long hot summer, and there are some definite bad points. Firstly the good – we can open all the windows and let the sun and air stream in. It makes us all feel really positive and the house smells fresher all round. The urge to spring clean comes regularly to most folk and it’s easy to think we’re keeping on top of the game. A quick spritz with the cleaning spray and a mop over the kitchen floor – tah dah. This is not the case though. Bugs and fleas can accumulate once the weather starts that warming up process – they come with pets and wandering pests . . . The pests can be hedgehogs and in our neck of the woods, the occasional badger strolls around. The usual flea treatment for domestic pets only works for a certain period – it has to be regularly maintained otherwise the flea eggs can lurk in the edges of fitted carpets, fluffy cushions and underneath soft furnishings. The only way to really get to a truly clean house is to engage a professional cleaning company – they will give a thorough clean to parts the domestic vacuums don’t adequately clean. Kitchens and washrooms are hygienically cleansed and the results are so totally therapeutic, that’s worth their fee alone.