Poochy Paradise Needs Professional Cleaning

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There has been much doggy associated activity going on around my little patch of heaven on earth.  Not sure whether it’s the upturn in publicity fortunes of the locally based rehoming charity or just several families who have suddenly decided it’s time they got themselves a pooch, or two, or three.  I noticed it a few weeks ago, lots more barking noises from nearby gardens in the summer.  Now that autumn is here, there is a muffled barking from a couple of neighbouring houses.  I also note a couple of professional dog walking enterprises have been recruited to walk these pets as the owners all go out to work.

Another interesting development is the number of cleaning companies also involved – keeping the happy pet friendly homesteads very clean and fresh.  This is one area that can slip a lot unless professional cleaners are engaged on a regular basis.  Hygiene and clean homes, both essential.