Personal Hygiene Critical To Remain Ship Shape

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I was onboard a cruise ship recently – it was wonderful to be totallyt spoilt and have a room steward in to refresh my room twice a day and despite me asking not to have sheets changed so often, he did those every third day. The towels also seemed ot be changed very regularly. I asked one of the customer service guys why they changed everything that often, when we probably don’t do it so often at home. The reply was a resounding one – it’s best possible infection protection. Same as in hospitals – the patients are encouraged to get out of bed and sit in their day chair before breakfast. The clean team then comes round and strips every ed off every day. The rubber covered mattresses are swabbed down with disinfectant and left to dry, every day. There had been a problem with MSRA and the latest wisdom thinking was this method of strip, sterilise & remake the beds with sheets and blanket that have undergone offiicial high temperature boil wash. The instances of the disease have been dramatically reduced and this is proof positive that the system works. Any unwellness at home needs nipping in the bud too. Very rigorous cleaning of hands after toileting and dirty tasks, and always before touching food and again before eating. These basic rules need to be implemented constantly and set in a child’s mind as an extension to breathing and sleeping.