Once Builders Have Left, Book A Professional Clean

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Oh my goodness how mess starts to creep into the home . . . .  Over the last few weeks it has been chaotic around here with two or three nearby properties all having construction work carried out.  I like to work with my windows and patio doors flung open – getting as much warm sunny weather as I can whilst it’s here.  However, without noticing it, dust and building debris floats in with the rays.  I was surprised how much more dust appeared on the piano and then I saw a film of it over the tv.  I decided the best way to deal with this until all the builders had left was to do a quick daily vacuum of the main living areas.  Using a feather duster I sweep over the main areas, following up with a light vacuum.  It’s amazing how much brighter it all looks.  I’ve decided aso to book a full clean through by a professional carpet cleaning company when the very last of the builders has waved his noisy but cheery goodbye!