New Bathroom Routine Brings Shiny Peace & Calm

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Ever since I had the misfortune to be very poorly with a serious stomach bug  few months ago, I have found myself becoming much more hygiene conscious.  That’s not to say I was living in a filthy hovel, but whereas I would happily exit my ensuite or bathroom immediately after abluting and give it a good weekly scrub down, I now find I’m getting myself ready for the day in a very set routine.  This pleases me immensely as I’ve felt the need to be more organised all my adult life – funny that something serious like illness brought this about quite naturally!  Before showering, I get out all the products I want to use that day – exfoliant or shampoo, whatever, lining them up in order of use.  I now do my teeth before showering so I can include the basin in my post shower whizz round.  It’s so much easier than the chaotic scenes of before.  Once each product is used, I put it back in it’s cabinet.  After that, I bleach the loo and set to with basin of hot water and dedicated cleaning cloth – quick anti bacterial spray cleaner and afterwards I dry round with an e cloth.  It’s always really bright and shiny as I exit ad I feel so much calmer, something I didn’t know I wasn’t until recently.  Hurrah.