Messy Weather Creates Family Sized Cleaning

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Well this year’s certainly been varied – as far as weather is concerned.   We had a fairly mild winter with not too much mucky snow or ice to speak of.   There has been a great deal more rain – sometimes days and days of torrential downpours.  Instead of moaning, we now take it in our stride and laughingly comment on how much the gardens need the rain etc. etc.  It brings more than a bit of shrub based growth though and my kitchen and hallway have suffered from a great deal of mud and dust coming in with me.  Although I do change my shoes, there’s such a lot of spray when it rains – clinging in messy patches to everything.  Sometime it doesn’t dry quickly enough and I find myself having to really vacuum hard.    This is where a fully professional cleaner does a fantastic job.  They seem to have the well practiced knack of always being able to beat the carpet into submission so all the mess comes off and everywhere smells divine and calm!