Luxury Of Professional Cleaning Services

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My word this time of year is a challenge to be sure – the state of the garden says it all.  Constant rain has caused the flower borders to pool, not able to filter through the mud that was hard baked in the heat of the summer.  I should have course have aerated both the lawns and the borders with my faithful old long tined fork.  It would have helped to drain some of the excess away and I would not now be facing a never ending nightmare of mud spatters covering walls, floors and my beloved carpet!  I do try to clean up more regularly when I’ve been outside.  I take special precuautions to wipe down all surfaces where my muddy hands and feet have been.  I let any mud particles dry before brushing them off lightly.  any remaining marks have so far been removed with proprietary carpet cleaner spray or a small solution of the full strength one.  I’ve always done with over many years but I struggle now and for some years have engaged a professional home cleaning contractor for a six monthly cleano f the main rooms.  I put all my belongings away as much as possible and they come in and literally blitz the kitchen. utility and lounge areas.  The wonderful smell and finish of my soft furnishings is one of the best compensations and well worth the small expense incurred!