Knowing When To Engage Professional Cleaning

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Having a gorgeous soft honey coloured carpet, it came as rather a shock after 14 years of just having to vacuum weekly and shampoo by hand occasionally, that once a labrador puppy of my recent acquaintance had just been in on a visit, just how much mess he had managed to leave behind.  Now it is true to say that not having any youngsters living in the house, or any visiting for more than a two minute chat on the front door step, my carpet doesn’t usually need a grat deal of care.

So, muddy paw prints that did not want to brush out, then upon further investigation, the realisation that the strange aroma that had recently come, might just have something to do with the puppy, the decision to get in a professional carpet cleaner was the best thing ever.  They were so efficient and I had no worries at all. A fantastic job was done.