Keep That Washroom In Tip-Top Condition

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You never know when folk are going to be visiting your house and asking at some stage, if they can use the bathroom. Nothing is worse than the feelingthat you haven’t left it in the nicest or cleanest condition. We are not supposd to judge families on such things really, but it is inevitable that when you visit a house, you do tend to view the way the family or occupant might live, simply by the condition of their bathroom. The best thing is to give is a quick once over every day – as soon as your morning ablutions are complete in fact. I always ensure I put a large towel down to step onto after leaving my shower – then I dry myself briskly, go through the rest of my routine with teeth, body products etc. and before the water marks stain, I step back into the cubicle and thoroughly wipe down each surface with my e-cloth. I get rid of all marks and tidy up the shampoo products etc. Then after I’ve done my teeth, I wash round the basin and surround. Then I thoroughly clean the loo and then leave it with limescale deterrent . . . . last job is to polish all surfaces quickly with a fresh e-cloth and sweep the floor with dust pan & brush. Sparkling & fresh in a trice!