Infirmity Calls For The Cleaning Whizz Kids

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Visiting a seriously aged relative recently, I was reminded just how important it is to have a good cleaning company available to call at regular intervals.  The home itself is not too bad in terms of cleanliness and aroma.  There isn’t that nstitutional cabbage and cat wee smell that pervades many other establishments.  But entry to the bedroom does need verbal warning to the unwary.

When we clean our own homes, we are careful to pull out the furniture, chairs, tables etc. at least once a year.  Don’t we . . .  ?  Then we do literarally vacuum or feather duster all the way round the lower skirting boards, across the backs and round the edge of furniture and pictures.  Then we see to the rest of the room.  When someone is frail and suffers dementia or similar, the need for cleaning up is sadly beyond them.  Time for professionals to be engaged to get down at at it!