House Extensions Cause Dust Explosions

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I’ve been surrounded by construction workings of late.  Both my neighbours have decided to have house extensions completed during the enforced stay home period.  I didn’t realise when they both mentioned, at different times of course, that such work was going to be started that it would impact on my home as much as it has.  The dirt and air borne dust created by digging out foundations and mud extraction has to be seen to be believed.  I find myself constantly vacuuming up – the dust and debris takes a few days to come down and settle, it then creeps in through the cracks!  I find that regular sweeping up with a soft broom removes a lot from the hard flooring – I keep that much under control and it needs mopping with wooden floor cleaner much more often than it’s been used to.  When they’ve both finished their empire building projects, I will engage a proper carpet cleaning company to give my downstairs carpets a really good clean and freshen up.