Flooded Homes Need Cleaning Expertise

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Gosh this has been a truly messy autumn running into winter.  All the kiddies around here got giddy with excitement the other day when we had the first snow of the seaon.  My goodness we had some.   We had been warned, and usually the weather gets very cold, then warms up a little and then down comes the snow.  We have that mess and inconvenience for a couple of days, and then it messily melts away and we have to mop up a bit.  Some of the country will have suffered ghastly power cuts and worse, heavy flooding, because the flood plains have not been maintained by the environment agencies.  This is where very professional cleaning is necessary – not just a case of bailing out.  Aarpets needs proper draining and cleaning off and walls need time to dry out and breathe.  It is a true nightmare that I dread so much that I have a cleaning agency available without all that!