Cleaning Tips Gained Whilst Moonlighting

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I worked in a town centre hotel for a short period.  In fact it was also my home for the same short period whilst I was sorting out a difficult period.  My job there was as morning chambermaid – delivering trays of tea and coffee to rooms.  After that, I was to help strip the beds of the rooms where parties had left early.  I didn’t stay all day because I had a full time job in an accounts office of a large independent retail store.  This hotel life was only to tide me over.  I did learn a lot there though.  How to change a double bed very quickly and efficiently – It involves a lot less flapping around than most bed changing at home!   The other big lesson was how to scrub out a bathroom and leave it looking fantastic.  Spraying cleaner on everything and whizzing around with rough cloth followed by soft dry.