Cleaner Bathrooms After Limescale Blitz

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Once I have abluted, exercised and dressed, I get stuck in to clearing the mess that always seems to be left in the bathrooms!    I start off by brushing a little bleach around the toilets – then just leaving them with lids closed whilst I do the rest.  It needs really hot water to clean effictively so I have a pair of rubber gloves upstairs too.  With a basin of the hottest I can get, I spray the cleaner around the porcelain and shower tray.  Once rinsed and dried with toweling, I spray the areas affected by hardening lime scale.  This is a major problem in my area as we live in the most chalky area – that comes through in our water supply.  as limescale deposits.   So a good limescale spray takes that away – especially the shower head and around the edges of the shower cubicle, the taps and plug holes.  Without this particular stage, no amount of ordinary cleaning works at all – the limescale is the major bugbear!