Clean Ensuite Brings Peace & Inner Calmness

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I am easily distracted.  My mind operates like a box of frogs – jumping from one leaf to another as my attention is drawn to various things on my way to sorting something else!   One of the best ways to keep myself on an even keel when it comes to running a household and holding down a busy job was to keep on top of the basic cleaning.  I like to find my ensuite sparkling clean every morning – it gives me an inner peace to know that at least one room is as it should be.  So I do try to remember to put everything away after use – be that body/teeth cleaning items and once all my ablutions are complete, I start a short but effective left to right sweep with the limescale spray and a cleaning ckoth.  I rinse round to remove any residue. After that I find the porcelain and chromwork shines really deeply – much more so than with any other type of bathroom cleaner.  I change cloths and do the loo and round back to where I started.   Emptying the waste in helps too.  Makes it look tidier to start with!