Carpet Wrecking Spree Thwarted By Professional Cleaners

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When we have a domestic incident, our family certainly doesn’t stint – we make a really good job but then we’re well placed to find a rapid solution.  This happened recently, when a couple of neighbours came over with their toddlers.  Nothing unusual there but these two scallywags are masters at getting into scrapes and Dennis the Menace frequently comes to mind .  We adults in the family room, thinking how quiet it had gone were suddenly aware of much hollering of toddler proportions.  It turns out one little tike had decided to take all the artificial decorative coals off the gas fire and wash them in a small bowl of water taken from the downstairs toilet.  The result was spectacularly messy on my hitherto gorgeous honey coloured wool carpet.   However, the carpet cleaning company I’ve used many times was thankfully able to oblige with a super quick visit and after careful study of the mess, managed to remove it all.  Hurrah