Brushing & Sweeping Away Dust Makes Good Start

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Everyone prefers to be outside in better weather, we take the dogs out for longer and through fields and parks.  We all come back with a bit more mucky dust and dirt on our clothes.   So to ensure we don’t drown in a mire of this, keeping up a regular cleaning routine is more essential than ever.  Regular brushing down walls and around doors and windows with a soft hand brush, followed by sweeping up of hard floors with an indoor broom will certainly help keep it looking fresh.  That initial dust and cobwebs forming overnight . . .   the do make somewhere look shabbier than it need.   Pulling out the sofa on a hard floor is easier than a carpet, but to get behind all furniture is important.  Bugs and grim stuff accumulate very quickly.  Moths eat carpets as well as clothes!  Once the dustpan has been emptied into the bin, vacuuming the carpets and soft furnishings is easier once the loose dust has been taken off the hard surfaces.