Auto Robotic Cleaning System

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This system almost eliminates the possibility of human error and is easily integrated into current laboratory processes. The automotive industry has many processes that are accomplished with Cartesian robotics. The system can handle bio-hazardous materials in fragile laboratory containers. Configuration requirements dictate that controls and tools must be easily usable by employees that are not familiar with automation. There are countless other examples in the automotive manufacturing business. Applications for Cartesian robotics are many.

An example is the wiper assembly manufacturing operation. It has been said that robots have capabilities built into them that can be used to make the manufacturing process much more efficient if all the abilities are reviewed when the automation process is defined. In other operations the part is held while being pressed into an assembly. Holding a part that is being welded is a prime use of Cartesian robots. A system can be created that provides the utmost in cleanliness with extremely high safety standards. All work has to be done in straight planes Cartesian robots act as tenders for other machinery.