And After The Carpet Steam & Clean

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We enjoyed a truly marvelously fun filled run up to Christmas and the New Year festivities this time. Lots of family visiting. Two or three dogs made themselves well acquainted with my lovely honey coloured carpets too. This element caused me the most concern. My carpets have been down for the twenty or so years I’ve had this house – they only got well vacuumed with the occasional quick home sponging off two or three times a year. Everything had been acceptable until a year or two ago, when I decided to take a leaf out of my pal’s book – she has 3 dogs living there but the principle is the same. To keep your carpets looking good all year round, get in a professional carpet care company. They have the most modern equipment and the manpower to really lift the stains and leave the carpet looking and smelling superb – things you can’t usually claim with dogs around.