An Embarrassment Of Cleaning Riches

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When I was out and about with a sickly person, helping them to get assessed at the very large clinic near us, I was struck by the number of folk who left empty cups and litter about in the waiting area.  This seemed to stem from there not being any obvious sign of waste bins.  apparently the clinic don’t like them out on show so they are put under benches and not immediately visible.  Knowing the hospitals and clinics make a lot of revenue from the eateries on site, that particular sector didn’t appear to appreciate that the food buying public will still keep eating and leaving rubbish, even if they do hide the bins away!  Whilst I was watiing for my charge to come back from another procedure, I went round with a plastic carrier bag and picked up the offending rubbish.  Just at that moment, a fantastic new cleaning cart came by!