Agency Clean Up After Uncle’s Tipsy Tangos

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I attended a family party a few weeks ago.  It wasn’t my family, I’m jolly pleased to report.  The ‘do’ started off ok and everyone was jolly civil to each other, but by golly things soon got a little out of hand when the ‘favourite’ uncle turned up with rather more than the usual amount of bon homme about him.   From having a spotlessly clean and ultra tidy open plan kitchen and family room, the ensuing tussle caused an incredible mess everywhere.  Once the fracas was sorted and everyone settled or dispatched home, the basic glass clearing was achieved, my host decided the best route to sanity was to book a professional cleaning.  I was very impressed by the speed of arrival once the booking had been made and the results were incredible.   I will most certainly be looking into booking a regular house cleaning – the feeling of peace and being in control must be worth the small fee.