Dog Related Crisis Calls For Cleaning Experts

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I have family who have just moved out to the country from their easy to maintain small beginner’s house in town.  They had hard flooring installed downstairs, replacing the carpet when they decided to get a puppy.  The carpet upstairs was still ok when the pupster arrived.  It soon became obvious they had got one extraordinarily active pup, into everything at all hours of the day.  This caused quite a headache with the state of the carpet upstairs.  There were little droppings that needed instant cleaning up and then mudd paw prints – whooh, for a pooch with only 4 paws, there always seemed a heck of a lot of paw prints!    The answer was to ban poochy-poo to the downstairs, and get a proper cleaning company in to rectify upstairs.  They did a truly wonderful job – the carpets looked like new – it was staggering.  The company also made the curtains and sofas look 100% better.  Well worth their fee!