Why It is Important To Keep Carpets Clean

Keeping carpets clean is a matter of good hygiene as well as household pride! If you have unclean carpets, you could be in contact with millions of bacteria, dust mites and other nasties everyday. Keeping carpets clean is an easy task really, with the use of vacuum cleaners, brushes and cleaning solutions making it easier than ever to keep clean and tidy. We recommend cleaning high traffic areas (like hallways and stairs) every other day, and other rooms like living rooms and bedrooms at least once per week. If you have pets, you might need to vacuum more often to keep on top of shedding hair!

Managing the Safe Removal of Waste

Working in a clean and safe environment is important for many job roles, particularly those within the health field. We recommend Hygienic Concepts, who are experts in waste management to clear your clinical waste safely and effectively. It is vital that hospital sharps are disposed of safely so as to avoid the risk of contamination or infection. Particularly important is clinical waste within elderly care homes and young babies nurseries, to again keep infection levels down and a safe environment for all to live in happily.